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Mission Statement

When a female friend of mine *Michelle, 32 years old was diagnosed with breast cancer she was shocked, I wasn’t, she had spent the previous 10 years plus of her life eating mostly junk food 90% of the time, drank very little water, never ate vegetables and did minimal exercise. She was constantly constipated having a bowel movement once a week and was constantly complaining of headaches. Don’t get me wrong, she was a wonderful caring person who would go out of her way to help those around her and had love in abundance to give her friends, it seems however on reflection not enough for herself. On many occasions over the year or so that I knew her I commented on her diet, or more to the point lack of it, to no avail, I wish now that I had done more to explain the seriousness of this lifestyle. I hope that relaying *Michelle’s story will help anyone else heading for the same deadly conclusion. *Michelle was involved in an accident in March 2001, during which she took a nasty knock to her left breast and a few bruises, the bruises disappeared after a few weeks but her breast remained discolored and was hard, after living with this for 4 months she eventually went to a doctor who prescribed medication to reduce the swelling and informed her not to worry, “it wasn’t cancer”. After *Michelle had no noticeable improvement from the treatment she returned to the doctor, who referred her for tests, which established that she had fluid on the lungs. A medical procedure was carried out to remove this fluid, which was found to be cancerous, further tests confirmed this in November of the same year. I visited *Michelle in hospital and was shocked to see the difference, in a matter of a few days I can only say that she was going downhill fast and the doctors informed her parents that there was nothing they could do for her, the cancer was too far spread and it was terminal. She went home to her parents and a bleak future. Despite the operation to remove the fluid in the lungs there was still more building up and she had difficulty breathing, which resulted in the almost continuous use of oxygen. During this time I was in touch with her parents and on *Michelle’s request it was decided that she should visit me for a few days to see if there were any herbs that could alleviate some of her suffering. I did what I could prescribing various herbs that would help with pain, breathing which in fact worked allowing her to come off the oxygen when she went home. I discussed with her the 7-Day Cleanse, but she refused to have anything to do with the idea. I now know in retrospect that this was probably the most important thing that she could have done and I’m sorry that once again I didn’t push the importance of that further. The reasons becoming more apparent in the latter stages of the illness. When she was collected to go home by her family about a week after being with me this is the letter I wrote to them: Dear *Jane, *Robert and family, *Michelle is very weak, 1 lung has collapsed, and she has not had a bowel movement for over 10 days. She is drinking a fair amount of tea and water, about 1.5 to 2 litres per day and has had an improved appetite, white grapes, as far as I’m aware. She has not vomited since Thursday morning. She has been urinating regularly, which is a good sign. The discussion with *Dr. Smith indicated that they do not feel the cancer is curable and advise against chemotherapy, the collapsed lung can be operated on but it was felt that the operation would be dangerous (and pointless) in her weakened state. A few herbals, which will help *Michelle for her various ailments, are as follows: Nausea: It is critical that everything is done to reduce nausea, so as to encourage eating as much as possible. Herbs for nausea include: anise, bergamot, buchu, catmint, ginger, mint, nutmeg, hemp, and turmeric. Breathing: Stinging nettle, comfrey. Cancer: Clover lemon, pennywort, turmeric, plantain, ribwort Antidepressant: Jasmine, lavender, lemon verbena, rosemary, st. Johns wort. The tea mix I have found some success with, includes: mint, stinging nettle, hemp, catmint, ginger, lemon verbena, buchu leaves and fennel. I have made a mix for you. Food: Bananas and white grapes seem to be favorites but try whatever is available. Robert, for yourself I have found that one of the best cures for prostrate problems is a tea made from the small flowered willow herb, this has been known to stop prostrate problems in their tracks, try your local herb shop, they should have it. May I suggest you invest in a book called “Health through God’s pharmacy” by Maria Treben available from any good health shop. * Names have been changed to protect the identities of the parties involved. It seems in retrospect that the bananas were not a good idea but it was one of the few things she could eat and hold down. During the next few weeks I gathered as much information on cancer as I could. It was at this time that I came across a book entitled “A cure for all Cancers” by Dr. Hilda Regehr Clark. It was the information in this publication that got me excited about the possibility of an actual cure. This book had come to some startling conclusions about cancer, which made sense to me and I hope to you. A brief synopsis of the information is as follows: “All Cancers have one common denominator, they contain the fluke parasite, GET RID OF THE FLUKE PARASITES, GET RID OF CHEMICALS AND METALS FROM THE SYSTEM, EAT LIVE FOODS AND HEY, PRESTO! CANCER GONE………” I studied further and it seemed that there were some good possibilities here that would help to at least give *Michelle a chance at survival. I immediately went out and purchased the following: · The book: “A CURE FOR ALL CANCERS” by Dr. Hilda Clark; · A parasite- detox kit, consisting of: black walnut tincture, wormwood and cloves. · A 6-day Cleansing kit, which did not involve enemas (because she still refused to have enemas.) I went to see *Michelle at her parents’ home and explained what I had found out and gave them the lot. Alas, there was one major problem, which I did not know the total severity of, and that was a totally blocked colon, which meant that no mater how she tried, nothing I gave her could have worked, as she couldn’t hold anything down. I only wish that I knew then what I now know. A few weeks later I was informed that her parents needed a break and would I look after *Michelle while they were away for a week. I agreed but a few days later I got another call saying that they wanted to take her with, as they didn’t feel that she could survive much longer and felt this would be the last time that they could spend together as a family. They told me however that she was very yellow and that she was unable to eat anything without vomiting and asked if there was any chance that I could find a way to strengthen her up for the journey. She was brought through by her brother on the Sunday and looked gaunt and yellow, could hardly walk a few steps without wanting to keel over and looked like she was not going to live for another day, let alone take a family holiday. We immediately mixed up an herbal tea to help flush the liver and kidneys, which included stinging nettle, dandelion, mint, and hemp, she drank this tea and colloidal silver, food was fruit, and whatever she could keep down. We also carried out a “parasite zap” using the electronic parasite zapper. After 2 days she began to get some color back in the skin, but was by no means able to complete a trip with her family. I was getting frustrated because there seemed to be nothing we could do for her, on the 3 rd day she was complaining of a very sore tummy. When I felt the tummy area (sigmoid region) it was rock hard (that’s no exaggeration “rock hard”). It was hardly surprising that she was suffering the way she was and going downhill fast, the colon was completely clogged up. I told her that no matter what treatment she was on or used, none could work or do anything for her as long as the colon remained blocked. Due to the fact that she was in agony, she finally agreed to do an enema. The enema was set up and administered by a female friend familiar with the process, *Michelle was scared and embarrassed by the thought of this procedure, but we went ahead, finally. It was reported to me that the first enema yielded very little except some light brown fibre that had no smell, the 2nd enema yielded very little indicating that there was a solid blockage in the colon, considering that she hadn’t had a bowel movement for 5 days, this was frightening, *Michelle did however report some relief. The 3rd enema, we added some Oxy35, this enema finally yielded some very hard solid looking and foul smelling black pellets. 4th enema: a solid, foul smelling black lump about 8 inches by 3 inches came out which had a hollow tube through the center of it. It’s frightening to understand that any bowel movements for probably months had had to pass through this hollow tube in the compacted faeces, perhaps even longer. 5th enema to 10th enema yielded a foul smelling black mud-looking material that was really rotten. The next 4 enemas yielded very little but there was a definite blockage that was moving along. On the Friday *Michelle was beginning to feel better and even managed to walk unaided to my office which is 100 meters away from the house, where she reported to Joh, my Personal Assistant, that she was feeling better than she had for months. Her color was defiantly improving and she was able to have a normal conversation, something that was impossible when she had first arrived 10 days earlier. As she had hardly eaten anything during the previous 10 days, she decided that she wanted to go to the hospital to get on a glucose drip for a few hours and asked a mutual friend, Harvey to take her through. When arriving at the hospital, the doctor checked her out and decided that she required her one remaining lung to be drained. Once the lung was drained they put her on a drip and admitted her. When I heard about this I was angry as I knew that there was nothing they could do for her. When I went to see her the next day, she was in the hospital bed, a plate of food next to her “untouched” and being fed with a drip, she was completely incoherent and seemed to be drugged. We were assured by the staff that she was not on drugs and that she was just tired; this was not the *Michelle that had been admitted less than 24 hours earlier. Her parents arranged for her to be transferred to the Hospice near their home, where she died on the Monday night. This is *Michelle’s story and it’s a tragedy, she was young and did not deserve to die the way she did. I wish that things had worked out differently for her and her family. Wishing won’t however bring *Michelle back, wishing won’t change the fact that the last 4 months of her life were filled with pain and suffering. Please heed the warnings in this story, the fact is *Michelle’s death could have been avoided, her cancer could have been cured, she could have lived to a ripe old age if only she had started off by cleaning out the blocked colon, if only. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of regular bowel movements; the retention of old faecal matter in the colon is both toxic and highly detrimental to your health. Take responsibility for your health; don’t leave it to any one else. It’s your body and no one can know your body better than you.
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