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Mission Statement


If anyone needed to do this program, it was I. Having read the book on colon irrigation and after many lengthy talks with Bernard on the subject; I realized that I fitted the profile of a person with a very sick colon:

My appendix was removed when I was 16.
I had my tonsils removed at the age of 18, after suffering with tonsillitis for the most part of 10 years (I didn’t believe in removing organs as God gives them to one for a specific purpose, yet my body was so full of toxins, these organs had putrefied to the extent where they were affecting my overall health and had to be removed.)
I started menstruating and was wearing a bra at the age of 9, my growth was phenomenal during this time, and my hormones were seemingly out of control. This growth spurt left me with cysts on my ovaries and in my breasts. I had a biopsy on my left breast at the age of 19 (benign, thank God.)
During my pregnancy, I had become very obese and had been battling with my weight ever since. I only learnt about food combining, colon cleansing, detoxing, etc. relatively recently and was determined that I would no longer follow any more “diets” (I had tried most; shakes, crash & fad diets, even programs worked out by dieticians, who unfortunately are often unaware of poor food combining.)
I have always been fastidious about cleanliness, but my own inner “dustbin” (my colon), was filthy!


I started my transformation from being an inactive, fat, unhappy and unhealthy person in August 2001. I read the “Fasting” book written by Professor Ehret, initially following the concept because I was still of the mindset that it would get me thin real quick (I was sick and tired of myself and others making excuses for my obesity: “It must be glandular/hormonal/a slow metabolism, etc.” but I thought - “No one is fat in a concentration camp”, so fasting made a lot of sense to me), basically what this did for me was it taught me what true hunger really is (a fat person forgets what hunger is, they eat mostly for emotional reasons), and it allowed my stomach to shrink to a normal size. Before the week of detoxing was out, during which time I had been reading other literature on the subject of good health and having spoken to Bernard about what I was doing, I realized that my health should be my first priority and any weight-loss would be an added benefit. Bernard suggested I do the 6-Day Inner Cleanse; unfortunately I only did this about a month later.

The 6-Day Inner Cleanse is basically a program, where one eats copious amounts of fruits and vegetables (live foods), this could be done by anyone quite easily, but by the time I did it, I had been living on a mixture of 2 litres of orange juice mixed with 2 litres of filtered water throughout the day and a small vegetable meal for supper for about a month, so I found the quantities of fruit and vegetables I had to consume quite daunting at times. However, I felt extremely good and lost 5 kgs during this period, more than I had lost whilst “fasting”! This was a good indicator that fasting is great when in poor health, but not so when one wants to be healthy and lose weight simultaneously.

I started gym soon after completing the 6-day program; I was well on my way to a happier, thinner but more importantly, a healthier me! I applied myself to gym and eating correctly and the fat just melted away. I had previously done power-lifting, where one is required to eat loads of protein, “the bigger, the better” is the mindset adopted by power-lifters, but the only exhilaration one feels is when you are doing reps and lifting increasingly heavier weights. I had NEVER felt as healthy and strong as I did whilst eating correctly and following a sensible gym plan (which included weight training).

Three years ago, Bernard spoke to me about colon cleansing; I was terrified at the thought and summarily dismissed the idea, much to my regret. I would have shortened the period of agonizing over my weight and health so much, if I had just followed his advice then. However, after coming this far with my weight-loss and feeling incredibly fit and strong, I made up my mind that the 7-Day Cleanse was the final step in my quest for ultimate health.

EVE: Wednesday 3/4/2002:
The day before I started my 7-day inner cleanse, I had a fair sized lunch, chicken and salad and even a small ice cream and fruit salad for dessert. I went to gym that night and did a major workout, knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to do much gym work during the next 7 days (due to lack of energy only) – I was determined I wouldn’t quit gym completely over the next week. (Bedtime: 00:03am)

DAY ONE: Thursday 4/4/2002:
Got to bed far too late to do a colema in the morning before work, was also really nervous about enemas – had never done one before and was facing that part with great trepidation. Also, it takes a lot of preparation which one is not aware of. You need to know that a good few hours are required to get all the “goodies” ready and to familiarize yourself with the system.
Went through the day, following the schedule with great excitement, only got one mild headache around midday. My enema that evening was absolutely fantastic! I was totally relaxed and it actually felt like I’d had a massage. A good start! (Faecal matter: didn’t use the colander yet but noticed some odd black pieces and also some really old looking ones, plus a smaller light brown one – a lot of matter was excreted).
Slept very well (Bedtime: 23:00pm)

DAY TWO: Friday 5/4/2002:
Lost 1kg by the morning! Did my enema – mostly tiny black things, green & purple, looked like long raisins. Had two stomach / bowel cramps during the day. Followed my schedule as per usual during the day. Had things to do in the afternoon so only got to do my colema later. Went to gym – 5 minutes on exercise bike, then weights but battled terribly. Got a headache and felt dizzy and a bit disorientated. Did my best but it really wasn’t easy – too little energy. (Maybe a morning session would be better…) Only got to do my colema at about 07:45pm, relaxed and enjoyed it – loads of black stringy stuff and some light brown ones too. Felt good afterwards. (Bedtime: 10:30pm – very sleepy)

DAY THREE: Saturday 6/4/2002:
Lost another kg by the morning. Did an enema, just little black & purple articles in colander again. Woke up late (about 7am) so my schedule was thrown out a bit. Went to church – took double doses of supplements before and a double dose of the cleansing drink afterwards. Battled to concentrate throughout and felt rather weak. Same pattern every day now…feel great in the morning and as the day progresses, so my strength and mental capacities diminish. Had a mild headache this afternoon. It is however much easier to follow this program when you don’t have to work (i.e. doing much concentration, or paperwork) during the 7 days. Did my colema (with peeled, cut up 4 garlic cloves (garlic is used specifically as an anti-parasitic) in hot water. Felt quite a few pangs during the colema and much to my surprise I saw long white “strings” in the colander. I placed them in a disposable plastic container for further analysis. (I believe they may be worms or a long worm, which has broken into segments – this was confirmed later, it was a Tapeworm!). At any rate, I’m excited about the “find”.
(Bedtime: 11:00pm)

DAY FOUR: Sunday 7/4/2002:
Lost another kg! Got up real early, did my colema. Nothing interesting in colander but feel exceptionally good today. Went to gym at 9am and did an intensive two hour workout. Felt super throughout – no headaches! Went into work in the afternoon and still felt full of energy. Unfortunately I didn’t have my supplements or cleansing drink goodies with me, so I missed out on both, will double dose somewhere tomorrow, probably a.m. Colema took really long, I was very sleepy. Found some faeces that looked like large brown grapes – strange looking!
(Bedtime: 09:45pm – very sleepy)

DAY FIVE: Monday 8/4/2002:
Lost ½ a kg. Nothing interesting in the colander – virtually nothing. Had a lot of pain where my blockage is (near my appendix scar). Also urinated a small amount of blood this a.m.! (?) The pain in my right side subsided during the day but I could still feel it when I touched the area. Hardly urinated at all in the morning, but that also was much improved by the evening. All in all, felt really super otherwise. Haven’t felt any hunger for two days now (just the desire to taste certain foodstuffs). There was a major storm tonight and I got home late from work and was completely drenched. There was no power at home for a while so did my colema late. Finished just before 11pm! But my one big blockage came out – a dark brown rubber-like “thing” (+/- 15 cm long and 4cm wide) plus, what looked like a piece of stick (maybe a cinnamon stick eaten in a curry months or years ago!) Bernard has asked me to keep all future samples. Had a good long detox bath. Feel super!
(Bedtime: 00:50 – not sleepy)

DAY SIX: Tuesday 9/4/2002:
Did colema in the morning, as usual very little to report, just small swollen raisin look-alikes. Felt absolutely awful today. Definitely my worst day – felt tired, depressed, emotional and nauseous just about all day. Bernard explained it’s from the toxins, which have been released when that big blockage came out. (Regret not keeping that one!) Followed my program as usual. Did evening colema and found quite a number (three biggish ones) of rubber-like strings – kept them for Bernard to freeze and photograph. Tomorrow’s my divorce case hearing and I forgot to weigh myself today, had so much to prepare beforehand. Was very tired but had to prepare for my day ahead – was extremely excited about my three “samples” though!
(Bedtime: 01:00)

DAY SEVEN: Wednesday 10/4/2002:
Had no time in the morning to do my colema – was up at 05:30am (only had 4½hours sleep – not really enough for a big day like today). Took my calphonite drink 1st thing in the morning and then almost immediately afterwards had to run to the toilet. Just made it in time, basically had a very runny tummy, but one could also put it down to nerves. Had to go a second time before I left for court. Took supplements and beetroot drink with. Had a double dose of cleansing drink before I left. Only had two opportunities during the day to take my supplements. My divorce was granted, today I’m so incredibly liberated, from an 11 year old prison and from the prison my bowels have been in for 30 years!! Quickly weighed myself when I got home and saw to my incredible surprise that I had lost a further 2½kgs in the last two days. That’s a total of 6kgs in 7 days! Went to the movies in the evening and had fresh granadilla juice and popcorn (bad girl to break my fast with popcorn!) I also had three cups of coffee when I got home, everything tasted fabulous but my stomach couldn’t handle it. I felt nauseous and bloated. I was getting cramps and pains in my bowels. I wasn’t sure if I should vomit or run and defecate. I did a long and very slow colema - felt a number of blockages released and was once again ecstatic to find two long and two smallish rubber-like specimens and many smaller hard rubber nodules! Wow! After 7 days the stuff’s still coming out!

10 /10 - This is the greatest thing I have ever done for myself & my peace of mind where my health is concerned…NOTHING can supercede what the 7 day cleanse can do for one!

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