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The Driver Resonator
Mission Statement
" A doctor in the home"

FR24 Plastic - Total: R10 260 Incl Vat.
FR24 Wood - Total: R11 400 Incl Vat.

The Driver Resonator was developed to assist with pain management and energy flow regulation as well as the elin1ination and/or reduction of viruses, bacteria and pathogens by means of an electro impulse to the human body.
Mark Driver has had a long history in electronics from cabling to computers from repair to design. This is his one passion. His other passion is to improve the planet by various means, and 6 years ago, after having read various books and works on the subject of resonators Mark Driver decided to build his own version and called it: “The Driver Resonator”.
The first version was very simple and very manual. You had to push buttons, turn knobs and press timers. Today you press one button and the machine does the rest.
However it was the first version of the Driver Resonator that helped many people who were willing to try it and also convinced others that were originally not willing to try but saw results.
The Driver Resonator was used by people with colds and flu, with headaches, migraines and other aches and pains, for arthritis, gout and Tuberculosis. All of those who used the resonator felt the benefit it did not seem to matter what condition you had.
But first let us answer the question: "How do resonators work?" Although they all differ from each other the principle is the same.
Everything in this universe vibrates at its own frequency, specifically viruses, bacteria, fungus and flukes, etc.
We know that the soprano singer can shatter a crystal glass if she manages to reach the resonant frequency of that glass with her voice.
So, we deduce that if we pulse the specific resonant frequency of a bacteria at that bacterial cell for a certain amount of time then the cell membrane can only hold that vibration for a short time and the cell membrane bursts or "shatters". Without the cell membrane the bacterial cell cannot survive and it dies.
This is exactly what we wish to achieve. By pulsing the body electrically with predetermined frequencies (for a period of time per frequency) we are able to destroy these foreign invaders and thereby assist the body.
These frequencies have been defined by various research-scientists and Mark Driver has used their guidelines to select the frequencies used on the Driver Resonator.

Please note that it has also been proven all our healthy body cells vibrate at very different frequencies than those of foreign (often un- welcome) cells.
Over and above the ability of the Driver Resonator to "kill" off (pathogens) viruses, bacteria fungus and flukes, etc., Mark Driver believed it was extremely important to also enhance the ability of the body to do more of the healing.
In order to facilitate this he included 6 frequencies into the Driver Resonator that are not found in any of the other resonators.
The first 6 frequencies of the Driver Resonator have the following function.
They assist the body in eliminating the toxins that are allowing pathogens to thrive in our bodies. We all know that the more poisons we have in our body the better the chance of getting ill, i.e. one of these viruses or bacteria multiplying rapidly in an environment that suits them.
In order to assist the body with toxin elimination we recommend that anybody using the Driver Resonator must drink 3OOml per 10kg body weight. Otherwise one can be left feeling tired and/or nauseous and develop a headache.
Also the more toxins we have in our bodies the better the chances that the acidity levels within our bodies are higher. The higher the level of acidity in our body, the better for the pathogens and we are left feeling "not well".
Therefore by eliminating toxins you indirectly improve your acidity levels.
Further these 6 frequencies allow for better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This also eliminates toxins and increases oxygenation, all of which is beneficial.
We have also found that the first 6 frequencies affect your spiritual well- being. Due to beta-endorphin stimulation these frequencies uplift and balance you leaving you feeling peaceful, calm and happy which is extremely important in any healing process. This factor has proven invaluable in the treatment of depression.
The aura (your electro-magnetic field) is also positively affected by these 6 frequencies in that it is boosted and has a larger radius than usual after treatment. The brightness and colour of the aura are also improved.
Each treatment begins and ends with the first 6 frequencies. First it allows your body to enter a better self-healing state with improved blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well as toxin elimination. Also with enhanced beta-endorphin production we will feel good. Ending the treatment with the first 6 frequencies then allows the body to continue functioning better allowing us to feel strong and able to cope.
Here is a short excerpt from a testimonial from one of our clients who suffered from asthma:
I met with Mark Driver in order to purchase a resonator. The main focus of treatment was the frequencies 365 and 385 to boost the immune system and kill the candida.
For the next 4 months or so I visited Mark about twice a week for treatment on the multi frequency machine and treated myself at home on the single frequency machine about 5 times a week. Improvement was slow but tangible and steady -certainly faster than the deterioration I had suffered in the years preceding.
During this time I was slowly weaning myself off the drugs. The first to go (in the first 2 months) were the Singulair and Seravent. The cortisone was far more difficult and it took until the last day of the year 2002 for me to stop taking it. Right now I have not had any cortisone for almost 3 and a half months! -And this from a space where the doctors were telling me I had to start taking large doses orally! I have also managed to eliminate ventolin of late. Following my elimination of all cortisone, my tongue has gone a healthy pink colour, which is in stark contrast to how it was coated with white in the past.
During the last few months of 2002 I saw Mark less and less frequently and have only been seeing him maybe once a month during 2003. I still treat myself about once a week at home. It is almost as though the initial intensive treatment is what was needed to pull me back from the brink, and now that my body is stabilised and my immune system is strong I am getting better and better on my own.
I was able to start gym during Nov 2002 and this was a huge personal success. In the time from Nov 2002 to today March 2003 I have gained llkg and now weigh 78kg. My strength has more than doubled for most exercises.
I believe that most disease is a physical manifestation of an underlying mental / emotional state. My asthma however had reached the point where I seriously required WORKING and supportive rather than suppressive intervention. I am of the belief that the suppressive approach is flawed in that it only addresses the symptoms and in the case of asthma where the symptoms are part of the body's way of healing itself, the suppressive approach suppresses the bodies healing capability and thus makes things far worse in the long term. I guess this quick fix suppressive approach, which does not address any of the real underlying issues, is testament to the mentality of the medical industry and world at large.
As far as I am concerned, the Driver treatment initiated a process and change of paradigm that was profoundly life altering and has had innumerable benefits that have manifest at many levels.
R. Picton
The Driver Resonator (Model 24 W or 24P) has been designed in such a manner that makes it easy for everyone to use.
It comes standard with 2 sets of hand-holds and footplates so that 2 people can use it straight away. The resonator has the facility to expand easily to 4 users, but can also expand by means of an expansion-box to 10 users and more.
Currently we are using the Driver Resonator to assist in the treatment
of HIV positive patients at the IC2 clinic at the Helen Joseph Hospital. 8 patients at a time are treated.
Here we noticed the clinical improvement for many of the patients who came regularly, i.e. they felt that the cramping in their limbs improved, they slept better, were less stressed and had a better appetite. For many of these patients even the smallest improvement means a lot. Further we also noticed it was important that we treated 8 people at a time as this facilitated a type of support group which is essential in the treatment of H IV.
These results at the Helen Joseph as well as some other independent H IV cases led to us to presenting a protocol to the Wits Ethical Committee for a clinical trial for Cancer/HIV and HIV which was also approved. We are now searching for funding for these trials.
Most importantly however it must be mentioned that the Driver Resonator has just undergone an audit by the German Accreditation Bureau in order to receive the European certification as an ISO9001 company as well as the certification as a responsible manufacturer for medical devices under the MDD 93/42/EEC.
Further we have received our license no from the Department of Health for 3 models of our products.
We believe the Driver Resonator should be in every home and more importantly part of the preservation of health and not so much part of health-crisis management. It is therefore advisable to use the Driver Resonator once or twice a week to maintain your health rather than having to treat some major disease when it is almost too late. The Driver Resonator Model 24W with optional led light plate attachment.

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