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Mission Statement

Suzie's liver cleanse

After half a life of adolescent drinking habits, the worse experience for me was the healing crisis that followed. I could handle copious amounts of booze in my “younger” days. Turning my body into an experiment lab. Always pushing to the limits, until your body decides that it is time to quit. The numerous amounts of brain cells lost by many drinking “sessions” and the hangover the following morning. I have spent most days trying to perfect the best hangover cure, but I don’t think there is one. It’s pretty much psychological, only you can cure your own hangover!

My health started deteriorating fast, to the point where it was on the verge of giving up on me. I had to make a decision: either I start taking responsibility for my health and life, or I could proceed with killing myself slowly but surely.

I simmered my habits and as a Godsend, I had my child . After an ill-stricken pregnancy, my body was ready to cave in. By then my liver must have been destroyed, as I did not feel healthy. I have decided to expel stones from my liver, gall bladder and kidneys, by means of a liver-cleanse, as that is phase one of the road to recovery. Clean the elimination organs first, the liver, then the colon.
I must honestly say that I was quite nervous. Many friends have tried it and had success but it really was MY time to be responsible for my health and life.
Here is a short report of my personal experience on the Liver-cleanse; I hope it will help many:

(Click on Liver-Cleanse for more information.)

Sunday 14:00pm:
Had my last drink of water ten minutes ago, after having watermelon for lunch. The program requires a healthy, non-greasy lunch, for it to be effective.
I have prepared my Epsom salt drinks and refrigerated it; I hope it will be more palatable.

At 18:00pm:
Drunk the first ¾ cup of Epsom salts, it went down in lumps! While swallowing, I kept reminding myself that this is the best thing I could do to my body right now. Nothing has happened as yet.

At 20:00pm:
Had the second drink of Epsom salts. Once again, I had trouble getting it down. I still don’t feel anything happening, but I’m ready for whatever comes.
The only sensations I feel are cramping in the stomach (the urge to defecate) and slight nausea. I am surprised not to have been running to the toilet head on, as we all know the affect of Epsom salts!

At 21:45pm:
The next drink has a combination of the following: Pink grapefruit juice, olive oil, oxy3 and black walnut tincture I am so glad that the baby’s asleep; I hope he doesn’t wake up when I have to do the next step.

At 22:00pm:
I drunk the mixture I have prepared and also taken the two biral tablets (which are mild sedatives), and I’m on my way to bed.
Luckily, baby’s still asleep, so I can lie down as the program says.
There is much discomfort in the kidney and liver region, not painful though.
My stomach is still cramping but the nausea has subsided.

At 23:15pm:
I feel as though I am going to explode! At this stage it is difficult for me to identify what’s just come out of my body, as the first two or three evacuations are normally just fecal matter. Thereafter, the stones will follow and lots of liquid.

At 00:30am Monday:
Baby just woke up for feed, so there is no chance of me rushing to the toilet, as he is only two months old and normally babies of that age are impatient. It is quite a battle holding it when all my body wants to do is expel these horrible stones, but I managed successfully. I still can’t believe the will I had to hold it! I know by holding it, I have done my body great injustice, but I have no choice with a newborn to take care of.

At 02:00am:
I was woken up by the urge to get to the toilet. Fecal matter is still present but the liquid is clear enough for me to detect the stones, which are the sizes of small peas. The pressure in the kidney region has gone but the discomfort in the liver area is still dominant.

At 02:35am:
Baby has woken up and feeding again. Once again, I’ve had to hold the urge to rush to the toilet, which is not good.
I’m happy about the fact that he went right back to sleep after his feed. Even though I don’t have the urge to go after his 30 minute feed, I place myself on the toilet and automatically my body reacts; this time the substance evacuated is more like water with hundreds of little stones.

At 05:45am:
I am still expelling water and stones. I have finished just in time when baby woke up. He stayed awake until 07:30am.

At 08:00am;
I was supposed to have my last Epsom salt drink, but fatigue and lack of sleep has forced me to have another at 10:00am, the time I was to have the last one.

At 10:00am:
I had the last drink of Epsom salts, but I am terribly dehydrated, so I had some Buchu water (which is cooled tea made of Buchu leaves); which is an herbal remedy for liver, kidney and other ailments, just to quench my thirst. My program is falling two hours behind schedule.

At 12:00pm:
Finally, I am able to drink fruit juice! I feel great! I must have expelled about a thousand stones and I’m almost certain there are more.

At 13:00pm:
I have had watermelon, which most certainly help replenish the lost fluid in my system. I do feel worn out, but my body feels as though it’s gotten rid of toxins.

I will definitely recommend this liver cleanse to anyone who loves his or her body and wants to live healthily. Also, patients who have had a history of kidney, liver and gall bladder ailments, should seriously contemplate the benefits of this program. There are at least over two thousand stones in the liver of a reasonably healthy person, who doesn’t drink alcohol and follows a strict diet. If you’ve abused your liver, now would be a great time to clean it out- before it’s too late!
We all know that whatever we eat or drink has to go to the liver for processing; after it’s gone through the colon, through the small intestine for mineral extraction- then finally it ends up in the liver and all the toxic substances have been filtered, but the residue remains behind. It is not a matter of opinion; we destroy our bodies everyday by eating the wrong food types, boozing it up and smoking. Your body is the greatest machine The Creator has blessed you with; the least you could do is clean it out every now and again. That won’t kill you, but the nasty habits will.

You often hear people say that life is short, however it is the longest experience you’ll ever have! That doesn’t mean that you have the longest time to abuse your machine while you’re on this earth.
What you put in, you’ll get out- it’s as simple as that!

Suzi(name changed) lost the ability to breast feed soon after the cleanse so I don’t recommend this program whilst pregnant or breast feeding)

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